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Surgical Instruments / Dissecting-Forceps >> Desmarres Chalazion Forceps

Desmarres Chalazion Forceps

Desmarres Chalazion Forceps

Nazmed SMS Malaysia offers Surgical Instruments having range of Ayer Chalazion Forceps made of stainless steel.

Art No: 08-9571-9573

Name: Desmarres Chalazion Forceps

Size: 9 cm


Desmarres Chalazion Forceps

Size: 9 cm

08-9571 = Fig. 1

08-9572 = Fig. 2

08-9573 = Fig. 3

Desmarres Chalazion Forceps Large are ophthalmologic thumb forceps used to evert the eyelid and expose chalazion for drainage and removal. The instrument has two sideways oval tips. One is solid and the other is fenestrated. The chalazion on the eyelid is isolated between the two tips and the forceps are tightened by an attached screw, which pushes the chalazion upwards so a procedure can be completed. The size and consistency of the chalazion are primary factors when choosing which chalazion forceps to use. Larger chalazion, as well as those with hard matter, will require larger incisions. Therefore, forceps with larger tips may be more useful. Similarly, smaller chalazion, or those determined to contain only fluid, may be excised with smaller incisions and the use of forceps with a smaller diameter. This product is straight with smooth tips and a length of 9 cm. The tips of this product available in various sizes are considered large and are approximately 19mm x 32mm.




9 cm

Tip Configuration

1 Side Fenestrated

Instrument Type

Tissue Forceps



Working Surface Style



Stainless Steel

Disposable or Reusable


Sterile or Non-Sterile


Latex or Latex-Free



Premium OR-Grade

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