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NAZMED SMS specializes in the manufacturing and exporting of high-quality Surgical and dental instruments, a comprehensive range of Scissors, and Orthopedic instruments.

Nazmed SMS Sdn Bhd specializes in manufacturing a wide range of surgical instruments, including scissors, forceps, needle holders, retractors, clamps, specula, rongeurs, punches, and tungsten carbide instruments. They also produce both reusable and single-use surgical instruments to meet various medical needs.

Yes, Nazmed SMS Sdn Bhd is known for its high-quality surgical instruments. We have a strong reputation in the medical industry and are trusted by healthcare professionals worldwide.

Nazmed SMS Sdn Bhd is based in Malaysia. No. 12-3, Jalan USJ 21/4, Subang Jaya 47630. Selangor D.E. Malaysia.

Tungsten carbide instruments offered by Nazmed SMS Sdn Bhd are known for their durability and precision. They provide excellent cutting performance and resistance to wear, making them a preferred choice for many surgeons.

Yes, Nazmed SMS Sdn Bhd often provides customization services for surgical instruments. Surgeons and medical facilities can inquire about customizing instruments to meet their specific needs.

Single-use surgical instruments from Nazmed SMS Sdn Bhd can be cost-effective because they eliminate the need for sterilization and maintenance. They are also designed for one-time use, reducing the risk of cross-contamination.

NAZMED SMS places a strong emphasis on delivering quality products, ensuring that all their instruments meet rigorous quality standards.

Yes, NAZMED SMS products are typically certified to meet international quality and safety standards to ensure their reliability for medical professionals.

Yes, NAZMED SMS often offers customization options to meet the specific requirements of their clients, providing tailored solutions when needed.

Yes, NAZMED SMS typically maintains a website or online catalog where customers can explore their product range and learn more about the available offerings.

Customers can typically contact NAZMED SMS through their website, email, or phone numbers provided on their official channels for inquiries or placing orders.

Yes, we provide a warranty on our products and offer after-sales support to ensure customer satisfaction. If there are any issues with our instruments, we are dedicated to resolving them promptly.

Yes, all of our products are manufactured in accordance with strict quality standards and are compliant with international regulations. We prioritize quality assurance at every stage of production.

NAZMED SMS stands out due to its commitment to producing top-quality instruments. Our products undergo rigorous quality control processes to ensure precision, durability, and reliability. We also offer a diverse product range, allowing us to cater to the needs of healthcare professionals worldwide.

Yes, NAZMED SMS manufactures a range of orthopedic instruments as well. This includes instruments used in orthopedic surgeries and procedures, such as bone drills, bone saws, and orthopedic screwdrivers.

Healthcare professionals and businesses can contact NAZMED SMS through their official website, where they can find contact information, catalogs, and details on how to place orders or make inquiries. Additionally, they may have customer service representatives available for direct communication.

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NAZMED SMS adheres to stringent quality control and safety standards to provide reliable medical equipment and supplies.

NAZMED SMS prides itself on a high customer satisfaction rate, with positive feedback from medical professionals and institutions.

Yes, Gardiner Tuning Forks can be integrated into various medical examinations and diagnostics, often in combination with other medical tools and equipment.

The Universal ENT Diagnostic Set includes essential tools such as an Ophthalmoscope, Otoscope, and tongue depressor, enabling medical professionals to examine various areas of the ear, nose, and throat for diagnostic purposes.

This diagnostic set allows medical professionals to gather crucial diagnostic data for conditions related to the ear, nose, and throat, aiding in accurate diagnoses and treatment plans.

The Ophthalmoscope is used to examine the interior structures of the eye, which can be relevant in some ENT diagnostic cases.

NAZMED SMS SDN BHD is a young and dynamic company based in Malaysia, specializing in the manufacturing and export of surgical, dental, medical, and orthopedic instruments.

Selangor D.E. Malaysia.
+60 16 234 0347

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