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Embracing Excellence: A Heartfelt Gratitude for the Magnificent Core Values set by Dr. Bilal Ahmad Bhat and the 28COE Team at NAZMED SMS SDN BHD

The Core Values serve as the fundamental bedrock for both individuals and organizations, shaping their character and purpose. As Mr. Saqib Saeed Malik, the founder, and CEO of NAZMED SMS SDN BHD, I express profound gratitude to Dr. Bilal Ahmad Bhat and the 28COE Team for establishing such magnificent core values. We wholeheartedly embrace these principles within our organization, recognizing their significance in guiding our actions, fostering a positive culture, and contributing to the enduring success of NAZMED SMS SDN BHD.


Integrity is the bedrock of character, an unwavering commitment to honesty and moral principles. It means aligning actions with values, fostering trust, and standing firm in the face of adversity. A person of integrity builds lasting relationships, as their word is their bond, and their actions reflect an ethical compass that guides them through all aspects of life.


Boldness is the audacity to embrace challenges with courage and confidence. It is the willingness to take calculated risks, think creatively, and push boundaries. A bold individual navigates uncertainty with resilience, turning obstacles into opportunities. Boldness fuels innovation and fosters a culture of growth, inspiring others to stretch beyond their comfort zones in pursuit of excellence.


Honesty is the cornerstone of trust and transparency. It involves communicating truthfully, owning one’s mistakes, and upholding moral principles. Honest individuals inspire confidence, fostering open communication and healthy relationships. In business and personal interactions, honesty forms the foundation for integrity, building credibility and creating an environment where trust can flourish.


Trustworthiness is the steadfast reliability that others can depend on. It encompasses consistency, honesty, and a genuine commitment to fulfill promises. A trustworthy individual fosters confidence and builds lasting connections. Trustworthiness is earned through a track record of reliability, accountability, and ethical behavior, creating a foundation for effective collaboration and mutual respect.


Accountability is the willingness to take responsibility for one’s actions and decisions. It involves owning both successes and failures, learning from experiences, and continuously striving for improvement. In a culture of accountability, individuals understand the impact of their contributions and actively seek solutions. It promotes a sense of ownership, fosters trust, and enhances overall organizational effectiveness.


Learning is a perpetual journey of growth and development. It involves an open-minded approach, a curiosity to explore new ideas, and a commitment to continuous improvement. Embracing a learning mindset fosters adaptability, innovation, and resilience. In a dynamic world, individuals who prioritize learning contribute to a culture of intellectual curiosity, driving personal and organizational success.

Community Of Customer Experience

A Community of Customer Experience is built on the commitment to understanding, anticipating, and exceeding customer expectations. It involves cultivating a collaborative environment where every interaction contributes to customer satisfaction. In this community, individuals are empowered to innovate, empathize, and prioritize customer needs, fostering long-term relationships and brand loyalty.


Passion is the driving force that fuels enthusiasm and dedication. It involves a deep love for one’s work, a sense of purpose, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. Passionate individuals go above and beyond, inspiring others with their energy and determination. In a passionate environment, creativity flourishes, challenges are embraced, and goals are pursued with vigor, leading to meaningful achievements.

Culture Of Fun

A Culture of Fun is characterized by a lighthearted and enjoyable atmosphere. It involves infusing joy and positivity into the workplace, creating an environment where individuals can thrive and collaborate. Fun promotes creativity, relieves stress, and enhances overall well-being. In this culture, people feel valued, motivated, and engaged, fostering a sense of community and camaraderie.


Discipline is the commitment to order, precision, and systematic approaches. It involves self-control, focus, and a dedication to achieving goals. Disciplined individuals adhere to routines, prioritize tasks, and persevere through challenges. In a disciplined environment, consistency and efficiency are valued, leading to improved productivity and the successful execution of plans.

Community Of Ownership

A Community of Ownership is rooted in a collective sense of responsibility and accountability. It involves individuals taking pride in their work, actively contributing to shared goals, and treating the organization as if it were their own. In this community, everyone plays a vital role, fostering collaboration, initiative, and a deep commitment to the overall success of the team.

Result Oriented

Being result-oriented means focusing efforts on achieving tangible outcomes. It involves setting clear objectives, measuring progress, and adapting strategies to deliver impactful results. Result-oriented individuals prioritize effectiveness over mere activity, driving efficiency and success. In a result-oriented culture, actions align with goals, and the emphasis is on delivering meaningful and measurable contributions.

Constant Improvement

Constant improvement is the commitment to ongoing refinement and enhancement. It involves embracing feedback, learning from experiences, and actively seeking ways to evolve. Individuals dedicated to constant improvement contribute to a culture of innovation, adaptability, and resilience. Continuous learning and refinement become ingrained habits, driving progress and success in both personal and organizational endeavors.


Leadership is the ability to inspire, guide, and influence others toward shared goals. It involves setting a compelling vision, making sound decisions, and fostering a collaborative and inclusive environment. A true leader empowers others, cultivates talent, and leads by example. Leadership is not defined by a title but by actions that inspire trust, respect, and a collective commitment to excellence.

Hard Work

Hard work is the diligent effort and perseverance invested in achieving goals. It involves a strong work ethic, determination, and a willingness to go the extra mile. Hardworking individuals exhibit resilience in the face of challenges, embodying the belief that sustained effort leads to success. In a culture that values hard work, individuals contribute their best, driving progress and accomplishing ambitious objectives.


Diversity is the celebration of differences and the recognition that unique perspectives contribute to collective strength. It involves creating an inclusive environment that embraces various backgrounds, experiences, and ideas. A diverse workforce fosters creativity, innovation, and a rich tapestry of perspectives, driving adaptability and success in a global and interconnected world.


Innovation is the pursuit of new and creative solutions to challenges. It involves a mindset that values curiosity, experimentation, and a willingness to challenge the status quo. Innovative individuals cultivate a culture that encourages novel ideas, embraces change, and seeks continuous improvement. In an innovative environment, creativity flourishes, and organizations stay ahead of the curve.


Quality is the commitment to excellence in all aspects of work. It involves a focus on delivering products and services that meet or exceed expectations. Quality-driven individuals prioritize attention to detail, consistency, and customer satisfaction. In a culture that values quality, there is a dedication to continuous improvement, ensuring that every output reflects the highest standards of craftsmanship.


Teamwork is the collaborative effort of individuals working toward a common goal. It involves effective communication, mutual support, and the recognition that collective success is paramount. Team-oriented individuals value collaboration, leverage diverse strengths, and contribute to a positive and inclusive team culture. In a cohesive team, synergy emerges, and shared achievements become the foundation of success.


Simplicity is the art of distilling complexity into clarity. It involves eliminating unnecessary complications, focusing on essential elements, and streamlining processes. Individuals who prioritize simplicity foster efficiency, enhance communication, and make tasks more manageable. In a culture that values simplicity, there is a recognition that clear and straightforward approaches lead to greater understanding and effectiveness.

Collaboration & Partnership

Collaboration and partnership involve working together seamlessly, both internally and externally. It requires effective communication, mutual respect, and a shared commitment to common goals. Individuals who prioritize collaboration build bridges, leverage collective strengths, and create synergies that lead to innovative solutions. In a collaborative environment, partnerships thrive, driving success and shared accomplishments.


Idealism is the pursuit of noble and visionary goals. It involves holding high standards, aspiring to create positive change, and envisioning a better future. Idealistic individuals inspire others with their optimism, driving a collective commitment to purposeful endeavors. In an idealistic culture, there is a belief that transformative change is possible, and every action contributes to building a better world.


Courage is the strength to confront challenges, adversity, and uncertainty. It involves taking bold actions in the face of fear, standing up for principles, and embracing discomfort for the sake of growth. Courageous individuals inspire others to overcome obstacles, fostering resilience and fortitude. In a culture that values courage, there is a willingness to take calculated risks, challenge the status quo, and pursue ambitious goals.


Unselfishness is the act of prioritizing the needs of others above personal interests. It involves a spirit of generosity, empathy, and a genuine desire to contribute to the well-being of others. Unselfish individuals create a culture of mutual support, collaboration, and shared success. In a community that values unselfishness, there is a recognition that collective prosperity is the result of individuals uplifting one another.


Entitlement is the belief that one is inherently deserving of privileges or special treatment without necessarily earning them. It can hinder personal and collective growth by fostering an attitude of expectation rather than contribution. In a culture that discourages entitlement, individuals understand the importance of earning opportunities and recognition through hard work, merit, and a commitment to continuous improvement.

Self Respect

Self-respect is the acknowledgment and appreciation of one’s own worth and dignity. It involves setting healthy boundaries, making choices aligned with personal values, and prioritizing well-being. Individuals with self-respect contribute to a positive culture by valuing themselves and, in turn, respecting others. In a culture that promotes self-respect, there is an understanding that a healthy sense of self-worth is foundational to personal and collective success.

Client Value Creation

Client value creation is the commitment to delivering exceptional value to customers. It involves understanding their needs, providing innovative solutions, and exceeding expectations. Individuals focused on client value creation build lasting relationships, drive customer satisfaction, and contribute to the overall success of the organization. In a culture that prioritizes client value creation, every action is guided by the goal of enhancing the customer experience.

One Global Network

One Global Network represents a unified and interconnected community that transcends geographical boundaries. It involves collaboration, communication, and shared goals across diverse locations. In a global network, individuals leverage collective strengths, cultural diversity, and global perspectives to drive innovation and success. The ethos of one global network fosters a sense of belonging, mutual support, and a shared commitment to the organization’s overarching mission.

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Discover the transformative impact of core values on both individuals and organizations. Dive into the essence of who we are and what defines us. These guiding principles are not just words; they shape decisions, behavior, and culture, fostering integrity and trust.

For organizations, core values create a positive culture, driving growth, innovation, and excellence. Shared values among employees elevate collaboration, productivity, and job satisfaction.

Individually, core values act as a compass, guiding personal growth and decision-making. Align with your principles for greater fulfillment, happiness, and success.

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