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1 SMS-0801P Perforated Instrument Basket with Handles, 485 x 253 x 100mm 1
2 SMS-H0270 Kidney Tray, S/S, Length of 300mm 2
3 SMS-H0267 Kidney Tray, S/S, Length of 250mm, 10″ 1
4 SMS-H0365 Gallipots, S/S, Capacity of 12 oz 2
5 SMS-H0364 Gallipots, S/S, Capacity of 10 oz 2
6 SMS-02-3570 Backhaus Towel Clamps, S/S, 100mm, 4 3/8″ 6
7 SMS-02-3526 Foerster Sponge Hldg Fcps, Serr Jaws, S/S, 240mm, 9 1/2″ 4
8 SMS-02-3369 Standard Diss Fcps, Serr Jaws, S/S, 160mm, 6 1/4″ 1
9  SMS-02-3353 Mc Indoe Diss Fcps, Serr Jaws, S/S, 150mm, 6″ 2
10  SMS-02-3460 Gillies Diss Fcps, 1×2 teeth, S/S, 155mm, 6″ 1
11 SMS-02-3465 Waugh Delicate Diss Fcps, 1×2 teeth, S/S, Length 200mm, 8″ 1
12 SMS-02-3358 Cushing Delicate Diss Fcps, Serr Jaws, S/S, 200mm, 8″ 2
13 SMS-05-7112 De Bakey Diss Fcps, Atraumata, S/S, 200mm, 8″ 2
14 SMS-01-2185 Scalpel Blade Handle, S/S, Size 4 1
15 SMS-01-2197 Scalpel Blade Handle, S/S, Size 5 1
16 SMS-02-3066 Mayo Dissecting Scissors Fig 2, 140mm 1
17 SMS-02-3135 Mayo Diss Sciss, with Tungsten Carbide Insert Jaws, Cof, 140mm 5 1/2″ 1
18 SMS-02-3170 Metzenbaum Diss Sciss, Cof with Tungsten Carbide Insert Jaws, 180mm 1
19  SMS-02-3646 Crile Art Fcps, Cof, S/S, 140mm, 5 1/2″ 8
20 SMS-02-3637 Halstead Art Fcps, Cvd, Serr Jaws, S/S, 185mm, 7 1/4″ 8
21 SMS-02-3698 Spencer Wells Art Fcps, Str,  200mm, 8″ 4
22 SMS-02-3733 Kocher-Oschner Art Fcps, 1×2 teeth, Cvd, 200mm, 8″ 4
23 SMS-02-3727 Kocher-Oschner Art Fcps, 1×2 teeth, Str,  200mm, 8″ 4
24 SMS-03-5506 Babcock Tiss Grasp Fcps, S/S, 170mm, 6 3/4″ 2
25 SMS-02-3549 Allis-Thoms (Stille) Tiss Grasp Fcps, 6×7 teeth, S/S, 200mm,8″ 6
26 SMS-02-3792 Lahey Diss and Ligature Fcp, Longitudinal Serr Jaws,  195mm, 7-3/4″ 2
27 SMS-02-3876 Hegar-Mayo N/Holder, with T/C Insert Jaws, 205mm, 8″ 1
28 SMS-02-3875 Hegar-Mayo N/Holder, with T/C Insert Jaws, 180mm, 7″ 1
29 SMS-02-3874 Hegar-Mayo N/Holder, with T/C Insert Jaws, 150mm, 6″ 1
30 SMS-02-3940 Syme Aneurysm Needle, Laterally Cvd, S/S, 170mm, 6 3/4″ 1
31 SMS-02-3498 Lister Sinus Fcps, Serr Tips, S/S, 155mm, 6″ 1
32 SMS-02-3479 Denis-Browne Intestinal Hldg Fcps, Serr Grip, S/S, 190mm, 7 1/2″ 1
33 SMS-06-8092 Mac Donald Double Ended Dissector, S/S, 185mm, 7 1/4″ 1
34 SMS-07-9068 Pool Suction Cannula, with Outer Tube to be Screwed, Diam 10mm. 225mm, 9″ 1
35 SMS-07-9070 Yankuer Suction Tube, with Central Bore of 2.0mm Diam,  285mm, 11-1/4″ 1
36 SMS-04-6366 Suction Hose, Silicon, Inside Diam. 7mm 3m
37 SMS-11-5000 Walton Copper Retr, Malleable, 38mm Wide, 305mm 1
38 SMS-11-5002 Walton Copper Retr, Malleable, 51mm Wide, 305mm 1
39 SMS-03-5241 Morris Retr, Blade of 70x50mm, S/S, 245mm, 9 3/4″ 1
40 SMS-03-5206 Kocher Langenbeck Retr Blade of 40x12mm. 215mm, 8-1/2″ 2
41  SMS-03-5202 Kocher-Langenbeck Retr, Blade of 25x6mm,  215mm, 8-1/2″ 2
42 SMS-03-5239 Kelly Retr, Blade of 150x39mm, S/S, 260mm, 10 1/4″ 1
43 SMS-03-5271 Deaver Retr, Blade 38mm Wide, S/S, 300mm, 12″ 1
44 SMS-03-5272 Deaver Rert, Blade 50mm Wide, S/S, 310mm, 12 1/4″ 1
45  SMS-03-5570 Lane Gastro-Intestinal Twin Clamps, Cvd, S/S, 300mm, 12″ 2
46 SMS-02-3579 Mayo Safety Pins for Hldg Ring Handle Instruments,  140mm, 5-1/2″ 3

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