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Surgical Instruments / Forceps Clamps >> Foerster Ballenger Sponge Forceps Fig 2

Foerster Ballenger Sponge Forceps Fig 2

Foerster Ballenger Sponge Forceps Fig 2

Nazmed SMS Malaysia offers the Surgical Instruments having range of Foerster Ballenger Dressing, Sponge Holding, Organ, Tissue Grasping and Haemostati

Art No: SMS-02-3526-3529

Name: Foerster Ballenger Sponge Forceps Fig 2

Size: 240 mm


Foerster Ballenger Sponge Forceps Straight and Curved, Smooth and Serrated

Size: 240 mm  

02-3526 - Straight Smooth Jaws

02-3527 - Curved Smooth Jaws

02-3528 - Straight Serrated Jaws

02-3529 - Curved Serrated Jaws

Foerster Sponge Forceps, which may also be known as Foerster-Ballenger Sponge Forceps, are used during surgical procedures to hold gauze squares that will absorb excess fluids and blood from the surgical site or hemostasis. The ratcheted locking mechanism of these finger ring forceps securely grip the gauze and hold it in place. Foerster sponge forceps are often used in bariatric surgeries because of their longer length, and the curved version may be used for removing the placenta in OB/GYN procedures. This product is straight or curved with oval, fenestrated, serrated or smooth jaws tips and a length of 240 mm.




240 mm

Tip Configuration


Instrument Type

Sponge Forceps


Straight, Curved

Working Surface Style

Smooth, Serrated


Stainless Steel

Disposable or Reusable


Sterile or Non-Sterile


Latex or Latex-Free



Premium OR-Grade

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