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Dental Instruments / Wax Knives >> Emert Wax Knife 15 cm

Emert Wax Knife 15 cm

Emert Wax Knife 15 cm

Nazmed SMS Malaysia offers the Dental Instruments having range of Emert Wax Knife Wooden Handle 15 cm made of premium quality stainless steel.

Art No: SMS-11-2188

Name: Emert Wax Knife 15 cm

Size: 15 cm


Emert Wax Knife Wooden Handle

Size: 15 cm

Dental Instruments

SMS Instrument wax knife Emert 15 cm can be used for scraping, cutting, modeling and shaping.The wax knife is provided with a fixed stainless steel blade one is pointed and one is round shape. The knife is double ended wooden handle. 



Tip Configuration

Knife / Pointed Shaped

Size / Model / Figure

 15 cm




Fiber/Wooden Double - Ended


Mirror Polish Finishing

Instrument Type

Dental Wax Knives


Stainless Steel

Disposable or Reusable


Rusting Prevention

Passivation Processed


Ultrasonic Cleaned

Sterile or Non-Sterile


Latex or Latex-Free


Test Performed

Boil, Shape & Performance Test


Premium OR-Grade


Individually Packed in SMS Brand printed Poly-sleeve

Wax knives

A Dental Wax Knife instrument is used in late stages of removable partial denture construction to eliminate or block out areas of undesirable undercuts with wax on the cast before the framework is made. A Wax knife, which is used during block out procedures and in the construction of surveyed restorations. A hand instruments used by the dentists during different dental treatments, presentations or demonstrations within the laboratories are used for carry or mix the wax and softening the base while teeth settings. These are wide bladed and of various shapes and sizes.

Knife Edge

  • Permit acute margin of metal
  • Axial reduction may fade out
  • Thin margin – difficult to wax and cast
  • Susceptible to distortion
  • Indications:
  • Mandibular posterior teeth with very convex axial surfaces.
  • Lingually tilted lower molars

Small wax knife: Most commonly used in the fabrication of crowns for placing and carving inlay wax. Large wax knife: Used for melting, placing and carving modelling wax in the production of dentures. Again it is common to see two knives being used, a cold and a hot knife.

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