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Dental Instruments / Crown Instruments >> Crown Spreader

Crown Spreader

Crown Spreader

Nazmed SMS Malaysia offers the Dental Crown Instruments having range of Crown Spreader made of premium quality stainless steel.

Art No: SMS-11-2263

Name: Crown Spreader


Crown Spreader - Crown Remover

Dental Instruments

SMS Instrument crown spreader, crown remover is special instrument for crown spreading after seperating simple and safe operation and also used to remove permanent crowns and dentist performs a cut on the crown first.



Tip Configuration

Hook Shape

Size / Model / Figure





Hand Held


Mirror Polish Finishing

Instrument Type

Dental Crown Removers


Stainless Steel

Disposable or Reusable


Rusting Prevention

Passivation Processed


Ultrasonic Cleaned

Sterile or Non-Sterile


Latex or Latex-Free


Test Performed

Boil, Shape & Performance Test


Premium OR-Grade


Individually Packed in SMS Brand printed Poly-sleeve

Crown Removers

A Dental crown removers are used to extract fixed crown and bridge restorations that are failing or must be removed. A variety of techniques can be used to remove a crown or a bridge, and removers are available to meet the needs of any technique. Non-traumatic removers are designed to separate the crown from the tooth by gripping it or prying it free, while other removers use air pressure and other powered methods. When selecting a crown remover, be sure to use it the way it was designed.

A method has been described that may help the dentist in removing ceramic-metal restorations that resist easy removal from the teeth during the fitting procedure and after temporary or final cementation.

The Crown remover is a spring loaded mechanical device to remove the bonded crowns and bridges by an intensive impulse of the impact stress caused by the stored energy in the spring located inside the instrument. Cement layer breaks with the impulse and the crown or bridge can be removed easily. Packet contain spring loaded action sold with 3 working tips of different styles, a wrench to open it for cleaning if required. It also contain a straight rod that can be attached as safety purpose when not in use.

A good crown remover is an essential tool for any dental professional. Unfortunately, crowns and fixed bridges are not always as permanent as we would like. Failure may occur for many reasons, including a patient's poor oral hygiene, caries around the margins, or failed endodontic therapy. Whatever the reason, it is never a pleasant experience for you, or your patient.

A Dental Crown Remover removes crown of the teeth very easily and you will much better. Crown Removers come in various sizes depending on the size of the tip. Dentists have all sizes, but in homes, one cannot afford more than one or two sizes. Some of the modern instruments come with the option of washing. The tip of these instruments is sometimes washable. Use these instruments very gently and make sure they are clean before every use

A straight chisel and a mallet may be used to tap off a crown. Other devices some spring-loaded, allow the application of tapping forces to loosen the crown. It is often difficult, however, to “hook” well-fitting restorations and apply sufficient force to dislodge the restoration. Bridges can usually be engaged in their embrasures.

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