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Dental Instruments / Wax Carvers >> Thompson Carvers

Thompson Carvers

Thompson Carvers

Nazmed SMS Malaysia offers the Dental Instruments having range of Thompson Carvers Fig. 3, 5, 8, 9, 2 made of premium quality stainless steel.

Art No: SMS-11-1906-1913

Name: Thompson Carvers

Size: Fig 2, 3, 5, 8, 9


Thompson Carvers

Dental Instruments


1906 - Thompson fig 3

1908 - Thompson Fig 5

1910 - Thompson Fig 8

1912 - Thompson Fig 9

1913 - Thompson Fig 2

Thompson Fig 3, Fig 8, Fig 9

SMS Instrument Walls Fig 3 carver is a double ended, round handle dental instrument used for placing, carving and countouring amalgam.

Thompson Fig 5

SMS Tanner Fig 5 carver is a double ended, round handle dental instrument used for placing, carving and countouring amalgam and also Used to carve anatomical features and trim excess materials.



Tip Configuration


Size / Model / Figure

Fig 2.3, 5, 8, 9,




Round Double Ended


Mirror Polish Finishing

Instrument Type

Dental Wax Carver


Stainless Steel

Disposable or Reusable


Rusting Prevention

Passivation Processed


Ultrasonic Cleaned

Sterile or Non-Sterile


Latex or Latex-Free


Test Performed

Boil, Shape & Performance Test


Premium OR-Grade


Individually Packed in SMS Brand printed Poly-sleeve

Wax/Amalgam Carvers

A Dental Carver instrument used to shape a plastic material such as wax or amalgam. Amalgam Carvers are dental instruments used as part of restorative procedures to carve anatomical features and remove excess materials.


Hand instrument with a blade or nib used to contour the surface of filling material in their plastic state, waxes, models and patterns.

Hollenback carver (knife edge-elongated –bibevelled)

Diamond (Frahm’s) carver: bibevelled cut edge

Ward’s “c” carver

Discoid cleoid

Interproximal carvers

Other carve with triangular nibs or diamond shaped nibs are also available.


Hollenback carver

To contour and carve occlusal and interproximal anatomy in amalgam restorations. Double ended sharp stiff metal blade, sharp point; ends are protrude at different angles; carves other restorative material. Hollenback carver possess double- side knife edge point edge nibs with curved monoangled or binangled shank efficient in carving amalgam and wax.

Discoid cleoid carver

To carve occlusad anatomy into amalgam restorations. Double ended; discoid is disk shaped; cleoid is pointed, sharp. Discoid, cleoid carver used for direct gold restorations.

Ward carver

Pointed and sharp edge.

Both carver is used to remove the excessive material.

To produce the normal tooth anatomy

Interproximal carvers

This carver have very thin blades for carving proximal amalgam surface.

To pack and condense amalgam into interproximal areas of the cavity preparation.

Ends are sharped to fit in the mesial or distal box Smooth or serrated ends

Frahm’s carver

This carver is diamond carver for carving occlused surface an. the carver is kite shaped




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