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Dental Instruments / SMS Dental Instruments >> Mirror Box 12 Pieces

Mirror Box 12 Pieces

Mirror Box 12 Pieces

Nazmed SMS Malaysia offers the Dental Instruments having range of Mirror Box 12 Pieces in safe and reliable packing.

Art No: SMS-11-3280

Name: Mirror Box 12 Pieces


Mirror Box 12 Pieces

Dental Instrumets


Mouth Mirror

Tip Configuration



Various type


Mirror Polish Finishing

Instrument Type

Dental Mouth Mirror


Stainless Steel

Disposable or Reusable


Rusting Prevention

Passivation Processed


Ultrasonic Cleaned

Sterile or Non-Sterile


Latex or Latex-Free


Test Performed

Boil, Shape & Performance Test


Premium OR-Grade


Individually Packed in SMS Brand printed Poly-sleeve

Mouth Mirror is one of the most common instrument used in the Dental Clinics, a part of diagnostic instrument in Dentistry. The mouth mirror has multiple functions, and it is used during the various diagnostic and treatment procedures in the field of Dentistry. The head of the mouth mirror is usually round, with various sizes depending on the diameter of the mirror. The Mouth Mirror has two parts--- Handle and Head.

Handle is of a specific exact length, only the size of the head changes, depending on the requirement.

Types of Mouth Mirror

The Mouth Mirror is of the different types, depending on the mirror type. The various type are----

Front surface Mirrors

This produces a perfect, accurate and an image free of any distortion or change in size.

Flat surface mirror

The type of mouth mirror is used in the disposable models.

Concave Mirrors

This type of mirror is used to magnify the image, and it makes the visible area look larger to provide a better image of the area for diagnosis, especially the gums and area between the teeth and gums.

Function of the Mouth Mirror

  • Providing indirect vision of any part of the oral cavity.
  • To provide indirect illumination on the gums and teeth where direct light does not reach.
  • To retract the lips, cheek and tongue.
  • Viewing the back of the molar teeth, especially the last molars and the gum, tartar problems behind the last tooth.

The mouth mirrors are either made with the handle and the head attached to each other, and the entire piece has to be replaced when the image clarity does not remain the same, or they are even made with the head screwed into the handle and only the head can be replaced on the same handle later on, The mirror head is a little angled, making it easier for dentists to send into the sulcal regions between the teeth and cheek and provide the indirect vision.

The most common used mouth mirror are the No.4 mirrors, and the No 3 mirror is the commonly used one when a smaller area is accessible and operable, and even when a rubber dam is placed and there is little access for the mouth mirror to be placed and provide the vision and illumination.

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