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SMS Brand

All of our stainless steel instruments are laser etched with our reputed brand SMS Logo, SMS Catalogue number and other relevant details, packed in professional brand printed zipper polysleeves, and eye catching bar coded enabled labelling with the batch numbers and all relevant details for tracebility and professional touch of presentation to give an edge to our dealers, custometrs and worldwide distributor networks.


OEM Services

As an expertise and professional surgical instruments manufacturing, we always step ahead to support new project research and development. With vast of experience in providing OEM services, we have the resources and knowledge to achieve your project objectives. We provide unmatched experience and customer service with complete confidentiality.

Our OEM consultations include the following:



OEM Services



Private Label Services

Private Label products have grown rapidly in recent years as more businesses and distributors realise the potential success and rewards offered. A brand is your distinction in the market place, it is not a logo nor an advertisement. Your brand is the feeling you create that surrounds your product and becomes a recognition of your customers. Ultimately, Private Labelling offers you brand protection – essential for unlimited business growth and success!

We offer you the opportunity to develop your own brand.  We will assist you to develop and realise your own branded products through Private Label Contract Manufacture.

Any of the SMS instruments shown on our website are available for private label. It is as simple as picking out one of the instrument from our website. We'll take care of the rest. With lower minimum order requirements, having your company logo on an instrument is quite affordable.